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Consultancy Services for the Decommissioning of Gopeng Dam, Perak


Year Commence:

November 2013


Jabatan Pengairan Dan Saliran, Bahagian Rekabentuk dan Empangan

Project Status:  



Gopeng Dam is situated about 600m from Gopeng town on the upstream stretch of Sg. Gopeng. Gopeng Dam was constructed in 1961 by JPS with purpose to retain mine tailings which otherwise would enter the river channel raising the bed level thus causing flooding of adjacent roads and towns. Presently the upstream area has completely silted up and the dam been reduced to tun-of-the river conditions.

A recommendation to decommission Gopeng Dam has been made through a report by the Dam Monitoring Unit, JPS in November 1990. By decommissioning Gopeng Dam, the Department can be relieved of the continuous burden of managing a dam which is no longer serving any meaningful purpose.

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